Wall Cavity Injected Foam Insulation

At Doctor Energy Smart® we know that most people are unaware of the fact that their walls can be insulated without having to tear down those walls! Injection foam wall cavity insulation makes it easy to solve the problem of cold or hot walls in the extreme temperatures of winter and summer. Insulation is your best friend because it allows you to keep your warm or conditioned air longer, making your home comfortable by removing all of those unwanted drafts and making it efficient, thereby, saving you money. Injection foam is most commonly used for specific areas as opposed to whole homes at once. In fact, we recieve many requests to insulate rooms and areas around pipes that may be prone to freezing. In most cases, we recommend starting with a thermal imaging assessment to discover where the problem lies. After we discover those offending walls in your problem rooms, we can fix them with minimal intrusion. We easily turn those cold-in-the-winter and hot-in-the-summer rooms into the most comfortable rooms in the house! Our commitment to our clients’ comfort and happiness is what drives us and we would love to show you how we excel!

To receive an estimate for having your walls injected with high-quality foam insulation, call us at (866) 788-3818 or e-mail us by clicking here.

How We Inject Walls With Insulation

We start by drilling a series of holes with a 3/8" drill bit in very specific locations, the smallest holes in the industry. These holes allow a specially designed nozzle to be inserted through your walls with minimal intrusion to fill them with our state-of-the-art, low-pressure foam. We then safely and thoroughly inject this foam between all of the wall studs.

Once the foam has been injected into your cavity walls, we allow enough time for the foam to cure and harden. Once that process is complete, we apply one coat of spackle to each hole to seal them up. We then re-scan these areas with our "As Seen on TV" thermal imaging camera to determine if there are any additional areas that require attention. The beautiful thing about working with a thermal camera is that it "tells no lies" and very clearly and vividly shows you exactly what we have improved for you and what still requires attention.

We believe being thorough is a MUST when installing any high-performance insulation. This is the only way to truly leave you with the results you called us for and to earn that good word-of-mouth that is necessary for our success!

About The Foam We Use

Our foam stays where it is put! Unlike fiberglass or other batting type insulation, air and thermal infiltration is minimized as the foam cures, because it seeks out all leaks, minor and major, and fills those unseen areas permanently. Rodents and insects cannot penetrate your crawlspace because the crevice entry zones are now unavailable. Any flooring above these foam-treated areas is also easier to keep warm in the winter and enjoys a reduction of moisture levels that will keep them from buckling over time.

We purchase our foam fresh for each order specifically within a couple of days before your installation in order to provide you with the best quality foam available. Our competitors purchase their foam in bulk quantities due to price reductions but then they store it for long periods of time. Think of it as a can of paint that sits in your shed over time. The paint loses it's chemical quality over time just as foam does. It can all look the same on the surface after being deployed, but it is what happens during the heating, pressurizing and installing (exo-thermic process) which creates the higher R-Values that our clients value.

If you have any questions regarding injected foam insulation or to receive a an estimate, please call us at (866) 788-3818 or e-mail us by clicking here.