Thermal Imaging Audits & Insulation Assessments

Inexpensive and non-intrusive, a thermal energy audit from Doctor Energy Smart® helps you see exactly where you are losing energy and money in your home or commercial structure due to poor insulation and air leaks. By helping to diagnose areas in need of energy-saving improvements, your living and work spaces will become much more comfortable and energy-efficient at an affordable cost.

Thermal imaging reports are the starting point for almost every job that we do. Without a clear and easy to understand picture of just where the heating and cooling is being wasted in your home or office building, we would be insulating blindly, relying only on educated guesses. All of our assessments are conducted using a state-of-the-art thermal imaging camera that, in simpler terms, displays the warmer areas in an orange to red array of colors and displays the colder areas in various shades of blue. And what we love most is that thermal cameras tell no lies!

If we are fortunate enough to earn your business and you ask us to insulate your structure, we perform another thermal imaging scan at the end of the installation to make sure that we have remedied all of the energy-wasting areas that were previously costing you money. Our process of Scan, Install, Re-scan ensures that we don't miss a beat and seal up all of those leaks!

To arrange for a thermal imaging scan of your home or commercial building, please call us at (866) 788-3818 or e-mail us by clicking here.

The Difference of Doctor Energy Smart® Thermal Imaging Reports

We talk to many homeowners who are disappointed by the reports they've received from other thermal imaging companies. Doctor Energy Smart® customers know that they can count on a thorough and detailed inspection of their home and will receive a detailed review to help them make the best budget-conscious decision for their home insulating needs. We may even detect some other surprises within your home you didn't know about, such as plumbing leaks and electrical overloads, saving you time, money, and headaches down the road.

Doctor Energy Smart® Will Cure What Ails You!

As buildings settle onto their foundations, building materials separate, which creates air infiltration leaks. We can find them no matter how big or how small and seal them up permanently. This thorough process stops cold air from coming into your home or office building, while keeping your heat from traveling out through these same leaks. Positive and negative air pressure is an ongoing occurrence that costs you additional money and sacrifices comfort. We can seal your windows, exterior doors, electrical receptacles, floor molding, crown molding and more to stop this unwanted thermal transfer.

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