Meet Doctor Energy Smart® & Team!

The Team

Doctor Energy Smart® Team/Family Photo

The Doctor Energy Smart® team is fully family owned and operated with a high level of professional home improvement knowledge and customer service. Doctor Energy Smart® is proud to say that all work is done by actual company owners, no sub-contractors and no hourly employees. This enables us to provide you with a full guarantee of satisfaction that the job is done right the first time. With owner operation, the highest level of standards are maintained in all areas of our business to keep our customers telling their friends and neighbors about us. Here is our celebration of 8 years providing excellent service!


John F. Weinssen III

John Weinssen Customer Service Diploma

John is Doctor Energy Smart® in the flesh! One day, he noticed a need for better home insulation while maintaining many family rental homes in North Jersey. It seemed that these million dollar homes were insulated at the same level as far less expensive homes. All were drafty and inconsistent in their ability to keep a family comfortable! John is a true innovator in the home and commercial insulation industry and the competition can only mimic his technique! His thermal imaging camera locates all sources of energy loss. He injects foam into walls with a technique like no other. Insulation against frozen plumbing is another specialty devised by the Doctor. Finished attics need to have their respiratory systems upgraded for proper ventilation. John may wear a doctor's lab coat but he should really be wearing a cape because he saves American homeowners' money, one house at a time!


Kate Turner

Kate is Doctor Energy Smart®'s Office Manager and center of sanity, keeping them grounded and on course to great success! She graduated from Rutgers University in 2006. Having the organizational capability of an accountant and the construction understanding of a site manager she excels at meeting our clients' daily needs. Kate is a devoted mother of two beautiful girls and a newborn baby boy and enjoys working and spending time with the kids. A four year tennis letter winner at a Division 1 program while maintaining a B+ average, Kate is no stranger to hard work. She is here to guide you to the best decision for you home and family!


James Turner

Jim Turner is Kate's husband and the most handsome guy in residential and commercial insulation! He manages and operates our commercial spray foam rig. His attention to detail results in the best quality foam and the highest possible energy savings. Anyone can create a foam-looking product with a view from the surface, but it's what lies below the surface that gets higher R-Values and ensures the absence of off-gassing. The exo-thermic reaction of the two-part chemical mixing is where Jim excels. We will have you directly in contact with him, so you will feel comfortable with choosing Doctor Energy Smart® as your provider.