Home Health Risks

It’s unpleasant to think about: could your home be making you or your family sick? The frightening reality is that, for many families, debris and mold in their homes are contributing to chronic problems like respiratory infections, asthma, and worse. These microscopic allergens can be hard to spot, but they’re dangerous and you need to be aware of the warning signs.

Mold and Condensation

While you can’t always see mold spores, there are other things you might notice: musty odors, water leaks, dampness, and condensation are all signs that there may be an undetected problem. Mold reproduces in moist places, so if your windows are collecting condensation on a regular basis, it may be time to consider your options to avoid future issues.

Attics in particular can be prone to condensation, as heat and humidity build up in the tight space. Properly insulating your entire home is vital when it comes to controlling indoor air quality. Once your house is fully insulated, you control the circulation of air by opening windows or using your indoor air system.

Mold doesn’t just make you sick – it can cause irreversible structural damage that could wind up costing you thousands in repairs. The moisture created by leaks and condensation can cause structural features like drywall and wood to rot, while mold spreads throughout older insulation like fiberglass. Homeowners who discover mold in their walls and flooring usually find they have a big problem on their hands. Don’t wait until you’re ready to move or someone in your family gets sick if you suspect a mold or moisture problem – call a licensed contractor immediately for an inspection.

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