HVAC Air Duct Cleaning

Doctor Energy Smart® has been in the Spray Foam Insulation/Home Energy Saving Enviromental Solutions industry here in New Jersey for close to a decade. We have been a home improvement contractor since 1979 and now add air duct cleaning to our services.

   Our full time dedication to your family's health and comfort is what makes us different from any other HVAC Air Duct Cleaning contractor. And you won't find any $99 coupons here, we are a family owned/operated business without those "tricky" marketing schemes to get in your door.

Just call and speak to a real friendly, helpful person here first!

Experience, dedication to customer service and attention to detail is what keeps us ahead of other contractors. We provide an excellence in service that is simply unmatched within the Home Environment Industry ! 

   We are local family owned business run by HVAC improvement industry professionals and every one of our employees are fully trained and insured to clean, service, and maintain a wide variety of heating and cooling systems. One of our new specialties is Airduct and Clothes Dryer Vent cleaning and maintenance. Dryer vents, left overlooked can cause a fire in your home likely when you are not in attendance during dryer use and cycling.

   We know ducts, both inside and out. From the most routine duct inspections  to complicated duct-recoating or heavy duty clean-ups,we have seen and done them all.

   Air ducts are usually overlooked and dirty, or even worse are clogged so your heating or cooling system may just seem to not be running well.
   Dirty HVAC ducts are tucked well out of sight in hard to get to areas of your home that you may not frequent, but are major causes to many health issues. Air Duct cleaning and health coincide.  Also, when your ducts need cleaning, it can cause your utility bill to skyrocket because your HVAC system doesn’t operate as efficiently as it was intended to be and requires more energy. Air Ductwork cleaning  saves on utility bills and lengthens HVAC machine longevity in service.

   Our employees at Doctor Energy Smart® are well prepared to deal with the dust, debris, and anything else that needs to be cleaned out of your home’s air conditioning system. The process begins when we arrive at your home and prep any items that may need it by covering them with protective cloths.  We will then attach a High Powered HEPA filter vacuum and compressor blower line to your air conditioning/heating unit’s HVAC mainline and return line to clean out all the dirt,dust, and debris, while simultaneusly going to each vent with a high powered air pressure gun. This creates an extremely powerful push and pull effect, and has been proven to be the current state-of-the-art method.

   As well as having positive affects on your health, offering savings on your utility bill, duct cleaning will greatly increase the Indoor Air Quality of your home or office. Your air will be noticeably cooler, free of any foul or noxious odors, and you will have a much more comfortable, healthier living space.