John Weinssen is Doctor Energy Smart®! He noticed a need for better home insulation while maintaining many family rental homes in the North New Jersey area. It seemed that the million dollar homes were insulated the same as the $100,000 houses. All were drafty, uncomfortable at times and unprofessionally inconsistent in their ability to keep a family comfortable! He is extremely excited when he comes up with another technique that the rest can only copy! His thermal image camera locates energy loss and gain sources, to save your money. He injects foam into walls with a technique like no other. Frozen pipe insulation is another specialty recently devised during the very cold winter 2013-2014 by the Doctor!- call for details! Being a pioneer brings great results.- Your home WILL feel better!

Your home is your biggest personal investment. With proper insulation, you can save thousands on utility bills in the long-run with green products like spray foam insulation, radiant barrier, or blown-in cellulose green fiber. We want to make sure you make the best decision for the life of your investment in the health, lower energy bills, and comfort of your family.


Doctor Energy Smart® helps you avoid the hidden costs of home ownership, including over-priced energy bills, with air-tight spray foam insulation installation and other money-saving green products in NJ   To prepare for the future rising of energy costs, contact the spray foam and contractor NJ state licensed insulation professionals at  Doctor Energy Smart® in NJ at or call 973-975-2710 today! 


We’ll also help you take advantage of current energy efficient tax deductions and credits associated with your purchases. Call us for smart insulation choices that lower costs and promote health and comfort for your home, office building, or any property. 

Customer Service

Our Office Manager Ketevan, "kate" has the credentials of a sympathetic nurse, the organizational capability of an accountant, the construction understanding of a site manager, and the friendliness of great old friend. She graduated from Rutgers University in 2006 with a degree in sports management which assists her in handling our client's daily needs. She obtained the title "Athlete /Scholar of the year in 2005, while on a full sport scholarship for her tennis ability. Her childhood friend, Oksana Kalashnikova, pictured below, known as "the Russian Giant" travels the globe currently, playing in the most prestigious tournaments, and at her youthful age has amassed quite a world-wide following of fans.At 16 years old she was #18 in world level, junior statistics.  

Kate is also an avid animal lover, we are all dog and cat owners and lovers!

Being a fully owner-operated business ensures your home's insulation upgrades are "RESULTS DRIVEN". James, Kate's husband, manages our commercial spray foam rig, or  truck system. His attention to detail creates the best quality foam. Anyone can create a foam appearing product with a view from the surface, but it's what lies below that gets higher actual R-Values. The Exo-thermic reaction of the two-part chemical mixing is where Jim excells. For larger quantity tasks, we will have you directly in contact with him, in advance of your install, so you will feel comfortable with choosing Doctor Energy Smart as your provider.  

Vera Weinssen maintains all records and purchases for the Team! Her Corporate Background with a Fortune 500 company as an inventory analyst/accounting specialist and attention to detail is of a great value to our family's green going, high-performance home insulation efforts. She maintains our responsibility to state and federal tax requirements, with a record of full compliance that keeps us sleeping well at night. Again, having a family owner and operator type business allows us to perform all aspects of a business to a higher level of performance in ALL areas of competence.

THE Management TEAM


Tim, Kate's brother is a state licensed electrician with a degree in computor science. He handles all of our electrical requirements with a degree of excellence that really matches our standing in the construction industry. He is available for all of your energy needs and can be contacted for your own upgrade projects at 973-525-6405