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Kete is our prized office manager who can be very helpful in scheduling, procurement of your suggested or desired product, and advising you of some of our exclusive products and services. Graduating Rutgers in 2005 with a student athlete of the year is no easy task. Her tennis (full scholarship) shows a dedication to whatever she takes time for, and her business sport organization degree, helps her to be just right for our position.

These exceptional skills will add to our already talented staff and help us grow into the next generation of making first class insulation (long-term benefit )choices  and support for our customers. We are looking forward to Kate's contribution and the improvements that  she will bring to Doctor Energy Smart®
It's all good news here at Doctor Energy Smart®  and we look forward to a great future. Thanks for your trust in us!!!!!

Meghan Webor comes to us with expertise in Social Marketing. Her experience will allow the Doctor to perform house calls on a more regular schedule. We look forward to the world getting to know us ,due to her efforts in blogs, social directories,and website assistance. Meghan is another athlete with BIG talent, especially in Semi-Pro VolleyBall with a Rutgers's  Degree in English///Sport... She will start her employment on or about March 1. Welcome, Meghan!

John Weinssen is Doctor Energy Smart®! He noticed a need for better home insulation while maintaining many family rental homes in the North New Jersey area. It seemed that the million dollar homes were insulated the same as the $100,000 houses. All Drafty, uncomfortable at times and unprofessionally inconsistant in their ability to keep a family comfortable! He is extremely excited when he comes up with another technique that the rest can only copy! His thermal image camera locates energy loss and gain sources, to save your money. He injects foam into walls with a technique like no other. Frozen pipe insulation is another specialty devised by the Doctor- call for details! Being a pioneer brings great results- Your home WILL feel better!

Vera handles all bookkeeping tasks for the Doctor! Her attention to detail cannot be matched- Her corporate background has revealed a no nonsense approach to keeping our books in order! We are a no nonsense insulation company! Her efforts match our plans, exactly!

Jim is our spray foam scientist, installer who makes the BEST FOAM- His ability to recognize quality has centered us above the rest. Our fresh foam for your particular job (purchased within days of your install)  policy was called brilliant since stored chemicals lose quality over time- yes it costs more,, but simply put, makes the best foam!

Your home is your biggest personal investment. With proper insulation, you can save thousands on utility bills in the long-run with green products like spray foam insulation . We want to make sure you make the best decision for the life of your investment and the health and comfort of your family.


Doctor Energy Smart® helps you avoid the hidden costs of home ownership, including over-priced energy bills, with air-tight spray foam insulation installation and other money-saving green products in NJ   To prepare for the future rising of energy costs, contact the spray foam and contractor NJ state licensed insulation professionals at  Doctor Energy Smart® in NJ at  kate@docnrg.com or call 973-975-2710 today! 


We’ll also help you take advantage of current energy efficient tax deductions and credits associated with your purchases. Visit our new top-rated energy saving product line site at EnergySmartOnline.com (soon)for smart insulation choices that lower costs and promote health and comfort for your home, office building, or any property.  Click Here to learn more about Going Green!

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