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Doctor Energy Smart is a family-owned and operated insulation company based in Dover, NJ. Strategically located in North Central New Jersey we proudly serve all of New Jersey, parts of New York and Pennsylvania. We are a fully insured, highly experienced, Angie's List Super Service Award Winning (multiple consecutive years) insulation company focused on helping people by offering solutions that work for years to come! NJ Home Improvement State Registration #13VH05427600. Our goal is to become your trusted 'go to' insulation company. Whether you are a concerned homeowner or a hardworking general contractor we will do everything in our power to help you with your project.

Just imagine how much money you could be saving if your heated air did not escape from your home in the winter and your conditioned air stuck around much longer. Just think about how much less work your heating and cooling systems would need to do if you helped them by properly insulating your home with products that work! Now this is what we call smart investing. Upgrade your insulation and enjoy the savings of lower heating and cooling bills all year long.

If you have any questions regarding our services, would like a price quote or need to schedule a thermal scan of your home or office please call (866) 788-3818 or email us by clicking here.

As a family company, we work very hard everyday to help people like us with their insulation needs so they can save more of their hard earned money. Please take a few minutes and check out our reviews on Google and Angie's List.


    Thermal Imaging - A Smart Place to Start

    Frozen pipes?
    Drafty Rooms?
    Cold Floors?
    Uneven temperature throughout your home?
    Cold bedrooms? or bathrooms?
    Is your heating or cooling system just not keeping up?

    We can fix that! Call us today to schedule a comprehensive thermal imaging of your home and allow us to show you how we can make your home comfortable and energy efficient.

    Learn more about thermal imaging reports


    Injection Foam Insulation

    Did you know that we can insulate your cold walls without taking down the sheet rock? No need to suffer through living with cold rooms because you don’t want to live in a construction zone. Whether your walls have no insulation at all or the old stuff has just fallen down and turned into dust we can help. By drilling strategically placed holes, about the size of a dime, we can inject low-pressure spray foam into your walls and improve the comfort and efficiency of your home.

    Learn more about injected foam wall cavity insulation


    Spray Foam Insulation

    The best thermal protection on the planet! Ever wonder why all refrigerators are insulated with foam? Or why all the coolers on earth are made out of foam? Or why the thinnest styrofoam coffee cup can keep you from burning your fingers? Because foam is the best!

    Polyurethane spray foam completely separates two environments, much like the styrofoam cup keeps the heat of the coffee on the inside of your cup while keeping your fingers safe at normal temperature.

    Now imagine what would happen if you put spray foam in the walls, ceiling or floor of your home. I’ll tell you what happens, you can heat or cool your home or office without mother nature’s interference.

    Spray foam gets sprayed onto surfaces as liquid and turns into foam during installation, permanently attaching to your structure, filling all the gaps and creating an air tight seal.

    Learn more about Spray-On Foam Insulation


    Radiant Barrier Foil Attic Insulation

    Meet our second best solution for insulating attics! Radiant barrier insulation is a combination of foil and polyethylene foam. While it can be used to insulate any part of the home it is most beneficial in insulating attics. Regardless of whether or not your attic is vented, this option will provide a great way to ensure your heated air stays in your home instead of rising into the sky in the winter, while your conditioned air stays cool longer during the summer heat.

    Learn more about Radiant Barrier Foil Insulation